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Facilities At Bissell Wood Equestrian Centre



In 2003, after many suggestions it was decided that the 200 acre Bissell Wood estate - which was then a farming and forestry enterprise - would make an excellent setting for an Equestrian Centre. With stunning scenic views and woodlands, the area makes for a fantastic riding environment. 

Bissell Wood is a unique venue that boasts magnificent Cross Country Courses ranging from two “diddy” courses of 18” and 24” which flow beautifully in a circle and are aimed to improve confidence in both horses and rider to the main courses where jumps range from 2’3” to 3’6”. It is available to use all year round due to being based on naturally draining sandy soil and having a tree cover, so it is never too wet in the winter, and the going is not hard in the Summer months.


Bissell Wood Equestrian Centre also has two dressage arenas, a large sand show jumping arena, together with a grassland area for working hunter jumps. The Estate strives to continually improve available facilities, and now boasts a lovely improved 20m x 40m dressage arena with a flexi-ride surface and mirrors.


All the facilities are available for hire to Riding Clubs, Pony Clubs and we also welcome private individuals, just wishing to school their horse/pony, or just to enjoy a lovely ride around the estate.


Membership Of Bissell Wood Equestrian Centre


By becoming a member of Bissell Wood Equestrian Centre, you can enjoy unlimited use of the facilities whenever you like, regardless of how many horses you ride, this includes use of the Cross Country Courses, Show jumping and Dressage facilities.


For more information, please contact Neville Cope on 07794 924446

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