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Book your fun ride

Book your fun ride

Book your fun ride

Book your fun ride

Book your fun ride

Book your fun ride

Book your fun ride

Book your fun ride

Book your fun ride

Book your fun ride

Book your fun ride

Book your fun ride

Fun Ride

Bissell Wood Equestrian Centre hosts fun rides throughout the Summer. They are approximately 7 miles long, taking riders around farmland, surrounding estates and the Bissell Wood estate, lanes and bridleways, including free use of Cross Country Courses.

• Medical Service and a Vet in Attendance
• Unlimited use of the Cross Country Course
• Refreshments available to purchase at the Start/Finish
• Photographer in Attendance

First riders start at 9.30am, last riders start at 12.30pm

£18.00 Adult entry in Advance

£15.00 Child (Under 14Yrs) entry in Advance
£25.00 Adult Entry On the Day

£20.00 Child (Under 14Yrs) entry On the Day


​Advance entry payments must be received by 6pm on the Friday before the Fun Ride date.

Please see online entry form and payment below


All entries include a donation to charity





Fun Ride Rules


  • Please report to the registration desk on arrival to check in and pay (if you haven’t paid in advance) and collect your entry band before starting the Fun Ride. Any rider not wearing their entry band will be asked to leave the Fun Ride.

  • Riders may start the Fun Ride any time between 9.30am and 12.30pm in singles, pairs or groups and MUST finish the Fun Ride by 4.00pm. Any rider not completing the Fun Ride must follow the signs back to the finish and check in at the registration desk.

  • All tack must be appropriate and in good repair. Whilst mounted, all riders must wear properly fastened hard hats conforming to British Horse Society standards. Body protectors are recommended. All riders must wear suitable clothing and footwear with defined heels.

  • You are responsible for your own safety while riding the Fun Ride and while using the cross country course. We (including the Bissell Wood Estate, its owner, the organisers, landowner and any of its employees, helpers and representatives involved) will not be liable for any accidents, injury, illness, loss or damage to any riders, horses, owners, spectators, property, vehicles and any other belongings whatsoever or however caused, whether by negligence or otherwise. It is up to the participants and spectators to hold appropriate personal and public liability insurance and hold valid horse passports.

  • Entry fees cannot be refunded to participants who are unable to ride on the day. However, provided a genuine reason is provided at least 24 hours’ before the day of the Fun Ride, the organisers reserve the right to provide one free entry to the next Fun Ride, as a goodwill gesture.

  • All children must be accompanied by an adult.

  • No dogs are allowed on the Fun Ride, cross country or in the parking area (other than if kept in a vehicle in the parking area).


  • No horse or pony under the age of 4 years old.

  • A vet will be overseeing all horses/ponies in attendance, and the organisers reserve the right to refuse permission to start to any rider attempting to ride a horse that the vet considers unsuitable for the Fun Ride, or for any rider not observing these conditions.

  • The organisers reserve the right in their sole discretion to ask any rider to leave the Fun Ride due to dangerous riding or ill treatment of their horse/pony, including but not limited to excessive use of the whip or abusive language.

  • Please ride the Fun Ride and the cross country course in a sensible way, compatible to my level of experience. Jumps on the cross country are of varied levels of difficulty, heights and nature and are optional – only attempt jumps that are within your and your horse/pony’s ability and experience.

  • On the cross country course, be considerate to other horses/ponies, riders and spectators at all times and will only jump one horse/pony at a time per fence. If riding in pairs or as a group, horses are NOT to jump abreast of each other and will follow one behind the other.

  • Please note the Fun Ride is held mainly on private land. Please respect this, keep to sign posted routes and take all rubbish with you.

  • Please report any injury sustained and any problems or damage to the Fun Ride course or cross country course as soon as possible.

  • Any Refund will be subject to a 5% Paypal charge on the entry price which we can't reclaim.


    Please note that due to

     concerns over Equine Flu',

    horse passports showing

    evidence of up-to-date

    vaccination will be required

    for each horse entered for

    the Fun Ride


Bissell Wood Equine Flu Vaccine Policy:

All horses joining the Bissell Wood fun rides and XC must be up to date with their vaccinations i.e. have had their annual booster within the previous 12 months and for horses starting or restarting their course of vaccines, must have had the first 2 injections of the primary course (the first injection followed by the second between 21 - 92 days after the first).

If a horse has had a vaccination recently there must be seven clear days between having this vaccination and arriving at Bissell Wood.

Horse passports will be checked on registration and any horse without a passport or proof of vaccination will not be allowed to ride and will be turned away (be aware NO REFUNDS will be given).

We’ll keep this under review and update as needed. Thank you!

Booking form


Online Entry Form
(But no dates yet scheduled for 2023)

Please complete the form below for each rider

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Step 2 make payment

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