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All our liveries enjoy unlimited use of our facilities, and excellent hacking and access to local bridle paths


Bissell Wood Equestrian Centre offers DIY livery,that includes a stable, turnout available all year, secure tack room, rug room, a storage area and unlimited use of all the facilities. There is someone available to assist whenever you wish, and will look after your horse whenever it is required including morning/evening turnout, rug change, feed and full livery when needed.


We have stabling available on three different yards on the Estate. ‘The Depot’ offers superior quality internal stabling, it’s own floodlit 20m x 40m ménage adjacent to the stables, a hot horse shower, CCTV, a beautiful tack room area with your own locker, a separate rug room, feed room and storage area for hay and bedding and of course, adjacent grazing available all year round.


For more information on horse and pony livery at Bissell Wood, then please call Vicky on 07794 924446



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